Vehicle Relocation by TruckingCube

TruckingCube offers cube service which is used when you do not need a whole truck. So instead of whole truck, you can book a cube service which is very cost effective and they provide a very cost-efficient service.

This blog is about how and why I choose TruckingCube and why I am sharing with you.

By the way, I am Anuj. I lived in Lucknow. I used cube service to transport my vehicle to Noida. which is offered by trucking cube. I wanted to move my bike to my younger brother who is studying in Noida. and I did not have time to drive a bike to the Noida. that is a reason I chose the cube service. But here is one more problem that I did not know about Trucking cube Service before this. one of my friends suggest me about TruckingCube and my family suggested me train. 

I went to the train station to ask about the price and all when I reached there I saw that they packed a bike with some type of cloths only headlight and nothing else. When I reached the train transport office I asked price to transport a bike to Noida then they told me a price and also told me that they will deliver a bike to only Delhi station. and one of you will have to come station to pick up your bike. I said OK.

that night I called a TruckingCube service center. they offered me cube service and told me they would transport my bike to my address in Noida which I liked and the cost was similar to train cost. So I booked a cube service

Next day they came to my house and packed the whole bike with bubble wrapped and some high-quality packing material. So that bike did not get any scratch. Then they loaded it on the truck.
meanwhile, I called my younger brother to give him soft copy of consignment paper and tracking id of the bike.

next day after that day they reached Noida. they unpacked my vehicle and gave it to my brother. My brother called me and told me that bhaiya I got your bike. They deliver your bike very nicely. I did not notice any damage and also they gave me an insurance claim paper which can be applied within 60 days. If we get any damage and scratch while unpacking the material.

Bhaiya you did right to choose TruckingCube to transport your bike.
So I observe that if you chose the right packers and movers for your service. And if they charge a little bit higher than other then should not hesitate to hire them. Just hire them. Because they will give you a much best policy which can help you a lot if you got any damage or scratch. they also provide you with the best, safe and secure service you ever try in your life.

I say thank you to my friend who suggested me about Cube service. Also, I am grateful to choose TruckingCube for my vehicle transport. They are really giving best service to the customer because of which customer is shifting their goods to another place comfortable.

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