Attending a telephonic interview things that matters in phone interview

Telephonic interview is most common in today professional world as it saves a lot of effort, time and money as well from both the end. Telephonic round is usually the first round for the interview. Noise is a disturbance that influences interpretations in the conversations. So avoid a place that is full of noise. Do not attend an interview in a noisy place as it will lose all hope of selection.

Do not talk too much personally with the interviewer as an interview is a very formal process. Do not go into the conversation related to money as all that can be discussed in the upcoming face to face round. If you are putting the interviewer on hold in between of interview duration, it will distract interviewer for sure. So its better to avoid putting a call on hold in mid of interview.

Always have an informative question and answer session. If at the end you are not having some question from the interviewer then it will surely indicate that you are not interested in the job role. More question answering session will help you to make an image in front of the interviewer. Follow up with thanks at the end with a polite tone. 

Do not get late for the first round of your telephonic interview. Be punctual with the allotted date, time and specific interviewer with all the proper arrangements. Do not assume that always reception of signals will be good as that may also be dropped or intercepted on the way due to weather conditions, so be clear with voice and tone. 

Sometimes you might be eager to know about the performance held during the interview, which may be rude from interviewer point. Do not use filler words as it may be informal. Research well about the company before an interview. Give specific, clear and concise answers only. Pause and take a break before answering, it will leave a positive impression upon interviewer. 

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